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Spartan Race Monterey – Happy Raceiversary!

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Last Saturday was the Monterey Spartan Race Super. I had a blast at my anniversary Spartan Race. Yes, my first Spartan Race was 2015 at the same venue at roughly the same time of year. This year did not disappoint. Looking at the two maps side-by-side it looks like they used a similar course except for the last leg where it took us up a looooong uphill climb followed by a gradual decline back to the finish line.

Other than the last leg, there were a few subtle differences between the two years; obviously the placement of the obstacles, but present this year was the Memory Wall many people hate and gone was the Tire Flip. They changed up the Tyrolene Traverse into a Tyrolene Ladder where it’s still horizontal but its a rope/metal ladder instead of just a loose rope. Though there were still a few ropes present.

Somehow, I think I’m getting worse at the spear throw. I consider myself fairly athletic, but that damn spear throw really hurts my ego. About midseason in and I only have three races in the calendar year, I’m 0-3. UGH! I really need to try the underhand leaning on the barricade technique. I mean, I couldn’t get worse right?


Damn I have a lot of facial hair now. Hair on the top of my head too… Time for a change back so I take home less mud.

I’ll leave this race review on a high note. The weather was super nice for June. Not hot at all considering it was in Salinas near the track. But I have to give myself a pat on the back when I managed to get to the top of the Bucket Brigade without stopping. I’ll also add that after a minimal rest at the top I went back down and finished without stopping as well. That’s quite a feat considering I’ve been out of the gym for seven months and only had two weeks of gym to restart training. Yay me!

2016-06-06 09.08.15-2

Pictured is the new Delta Coin for Monterey. I still need to get my Temecula coins.

2016-06-04 12.39.06-2