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Spartan Race Monterey – Happy Raceiversary!

Golf 235-1791

Last Saturday was the Monterey Spartan Race Super. I had a blast at my anniversary Spartan Race. Yes, my first Spartan Race was 2015 at the same venue at roughly the same time of year. This year did not disappoint. Looking at the two maps side-by-side it looks like they used a similar course except for the last leg where it took us up a looooong uphill climb followed by a gradual decline back to the finish line.

Other than the last leg, there were a few subtle differences between the two years; obviously the placement of the obstacles, but present this year was the Memory Wall many people hate and gone was the Tire Flip. They changed up the Tyrolene Traverse into a Tyrolene Ladder where it’s still horizontal but its a rope/metal ladder instead of just a loose rope. Though there were still a few ropes present.

Somehow, I think I’m getting worse at the spear throw. I consider myself fairly athletic, but that damn spear throw really hurts my ego. About midseason in and I only have three races in the calendar year, I’m 0-3. UGH! I really need to try the underhand leaning on the barricade technique. I mean, I couldn’t get worse right?


Damn I have a lot of facial hair now. Hair on the top of my head too… Time for a change back so I take home less mud.

I’ll leave this race review on a high note. The weather was super nice for June. Not hot at all considering it was in Salinas near the track. But I have to give myself a pat on the back when I managed to get to the top of the Bucket Brigade without stopping. I’ll also add that after a minimal rest at the top I went back down and finished without stopping as well. That’s quite a feat considering I’ve been out of the gym for seven months and only had two weeks of gym to restart training. Yay me!

2016-06-06 09.08.15-2

Pictured is the new Delta Coin for Monterey. I still need to get my Temecula coins.

2016-06-04 12.39.06-2

SoCal Super and Sprint Weekend

2016-01-30 03.20.47

This past weekend was the SoCal Super and Sprint weekend in Temecula. I meant to have a write up for each day, but I got lazy and tired on Saturday after the Super. It really kicked my ass, as I haven’t been training as hardcore as I was last year. I’m not part of a gym anymore, so my weights at home are just under what I’m used to. In addition, I was training for my full marathon last Dec, so I slowed going to the hills in favor of the flat road; it’s something I need to get back to doing every weekend.

Saturday, was the Super and boy was it great to get out and race again. I didn’t get to December’s LA/Castaic Spartan Race, so I had over two months of a break from Spartans. I’ve raced at the Vail Lake Resort Spartan Race on two occasions for three separate event days (all three Spartan Races: Sprint, Super, and Beast) and, despite its distance from me, is easily one of my favorite venues. This venue has almost everything, the super steep incline/declines, the crappy gold fine powder mud, and even the woodsy area. I haven’t ever done a real swim obstacle here, but that’s okay. I read that the actual lake water will not be used more than four times starting this year for ANY event. So, the water will be used less and less. That’s fine, I’ve been to bone dry events.


I got into the morning open heat at 9:30, great starting time. Sunday was forecast to be nice weather. GREAT! All of your favorite obstacles were present, throw in the super steep hills, the dusty one lane track and you have a party in Temecula. Oh the dust was so present that day. I forgot about it and didn’t bring a buff to shield my face so I Spartaned the F up (#STFU). I managed to forget sunblock again, so I think I’m a little darker from the sun. Looking at the course map, it looked a lot like the beast course last year just shorter; halfway on the west, halfway to the east, with the lake and main festival area pretty much in the center. However, unlike last years Beast, my legs did NOT lock up when they saw the finish line midway through the race.

I had a few problems during this race. Because I wasn’t fully in shape, mentally and physically, I managed to fail three obstacles; probably the most I’ve failed without having weather to blame. I failed the Spear Throw (obviously), Memory Test (Zulu 996-3951, I switched the 9 and 5), and the Herc Hoist. In my defense, the final series of obstacles were friggen BRUTAL. Starting with the Bucket Brigade, to the Rope Climb, Herc Hoist, and Multi Rig; it was a grip strength series from hell.


The Bucket Brigade was its usual hell. Steep incline, steep decline. I think a common thing now is to load buckets with dirt and rocks instead of just rocks. The last several races have done the same thing, which I absolutely hate because it makes it THAT MUCH HEAVIER. I’m a person of integrity, I always put the rocks up to the line where it needs to be. I’ve seen bigger guys below the line and it pisses me off. Whatever, “race your own race,” right?

One of my strongest obstacles is the Rope Climb, I “stumbled” a little on the rope. At the top, I thought I was high enough when I swung at the bell at the top but managed to miss it! The bell wasn’t directly above the rope like normally, but off a few feet, and my grip was wavering. Of course I was going up sans legs, but after that I needed my legs too keep me on the rope, I was up there too long.


I have a love/hate relationship with the Hercules Hoist. I’ve said this before, it’s a very difficult obstacle for me. I barely weigh as much as the sandbags, in some races it outweighs me! But when I manage to get that sandbag up to the top and back down without crashing the bag on the ground, it’s a great feeling. However, that didn’t happen on this day… I pulled the bag about halfway and just didn’t have enough left in the tank. /sadface.

Lastly, the Multi Rig. This is normally one of my favorite obstacles, but after the previous grip obstacles my arms and hands were really taking a beating. It didn’t help any that I got into the line without a box, I had to jump up to the rings to start. As expected the rig was changed to a new sequence. This time it was ring, rope, ring, rope, ring, horizontal bar. About halfway my grip was starting to go, but I managed to hang in there and finish.


I was super happy about Temecula’s Vail Lake venue, because they allow the fire jump!

The sprint is pretty much identical to the first half or so of the Super, then add the final set (above) minus the Bucket Brigade. Here’s where the Sunday Sprint differs from the Saturday Super. It was COLD, windy, and rainy; anywhere from a light drizzle to a full on downpour. Thankfully it was only a sprint, but it was still one of the more miserable races I’ve been through. Still probably not as bad as the Lake Tahoe World Championships since that was a Beast, but the rain didn’t help the cold so this was similar to last years Sacramento race

Sunday was an interesting race day. I had a start time of 1PM, first time I’ve ever gotten a time like that. The bad thing is, I had a flight home at 5pm because I was thinking I’d get an early slot like I usually do: 11:45. NOPE. Mind you, the venue is about an hour and forty-five minutes away, then add the actual race, cleaning up, recovering, rental car return, TSA, etc. There was NO way I was going to make my flight. It being cold and rainy, after I got my race bib package and was turned away when I asked for an earlier time due to my predicament, I turned around and walked to my car. At this point I was already shivering from being wet and cold, but something in me sparked. I turned around again, went to a different tent and asked the girl working if I could get an earlier time because I had a plane to catch, she handed me a new time and said, “This is what I can do for you.” I looked at the time thinking it would be pointless like noon or 12:30. No, it was 10am, which was in less than 5 minutes! After thanking her profusely, I quickly got changed and lined up for the race.


Four pictures… and ALL are shots of my back. Thanks.

The cold and mud slowed things down for everyone but I managed to get a decent pace throughout. I didn’t have much bottleneck except for a few one lane hills and the damn A-Frame Cargo net. Seriously? Why is that a bottleneck? Could they put a burpee station there, please? So people who are afraid of heights or for people who don’t want to stand around waiting in the cold can opt out of it. Directly after this I failed the Spear Throw again, of course… So I’m already 0-2 for the year.

I did manage to get past the Memory Test with Zulu 052-0484. How do YOU get past the memory test? Luckily, in the past mine are pretty easy to remember with repeating numbers, numbers close to my lucky numbers, etc. Only failing once, so far, I think I have a decent system. I repeat one set over and over then try to make a memorable sequence with the remaining digits. In this case, I repeated 052 over and over again. The second set was 0484, zero matched with zulu which was fortunate, then four is unlucky to Asians, then stick on an 8 which is LUCKY, then back to the unlucky 4. Semi easy to remember, right? This doesn’t work for all my tests, it just happened that this is what I used this time. I do hate this “obstacle” though. I have no energy to use my brain when my muscles are taking all the beating…

Luckily, there was no Bucket Brigade present at the Sprint so that saved my grip for what was coming. The rain on the ropes was worrying me. However, I got through the last three obstacles without any problems (even the Herc Hoist!); Or so I thought. Getting over the fire jump and past the finish line I noticed I was bleeding. I was pouring blood from my pinky. Wet and soft skin versus wet ropes isn’t a good combination. I went straight for the medical tent and was embarrassed to explain to them that I had an injury to my pinky… But I didn’t want to take any chances of it getting infected from the crappy dirt and water. They understood and sympathized after seeing how much blood was coming out of it. Luckily, just pressure and an adhesive bandage sealed that up nice and I could get to the airport to make my flight in time.


What a great start to my 2016 Spartan Race season. Already 2/3 of the way to the first trifecta!

2016-02-04 15.09.22 2016-02-02 16.24.43

2016-02-01 06.43.56

This coming weekend (taken on Monday 2/1). Thanks for abso-f’ing-lutely nothing Temecula!

Saturday’s Super

Sunday’s Sprint

2015 Year End Review

2016-02-02 19.10.43

The holidays are over and I’ve been meaning to write-up my 2015 review but I’ve been busy working out/running full-time preparing for the 2016 Spartan Race; starting with Temecula the 30th, I don’t have much time to get ready.

2015 was a great year for races. Although I started my running “career” October of 2014 with my first 5k, I really took off in 2015 (no pun intended). I finished my second 5k; as well as my first 10k, half and full marathons. My completed OCRs include Rugged Maniac, Gladiator Rock ‘N Run, and NINE Spartan Races.

I have managed to maintain my workout regiment, eating habits, and weight through all of the obstacles of life that was thrown at me so far. I still have cheat days and haven’t given up ice cream! I just happen to work out more on those days. I’ve noticed I’m REALLY bad on race days. I typically have started the day with a fatty McDonald’s breakfast and my recovery meal is In ‘n Out or something like that. It’s not that bad, depending on the race because I’m running, lifting, and sweating for 1.5 to 5 hours. With all the junk food I’ve consumed I’m glad I’m not back at my starting weight.

Spartan Races have tested me a LOT this year. I’m not a super fast runner and I’m not a heavy lifter. This works out great, except for the fact that I lift the same weights as guys bigger than I am. I’ve found that my favorite obstacles are Tire Flip, Tyrolene Traverse, and Rope Climb. I have a love/hate relationship with the Hercules Hoist. The first couple hoists I pulled it up easily, but lately they’ve been adding a lot of weight to it and from what I hear it weighs as much, if not more, than I do… Lastly, I friggen HATE the damn Spear Throw. I ended the calendar year 2-7. If I had a back yard I’d set up a hay bale to practice on.

I even participated in the Spartan Race World Championship course. I can’t stress enough the keywords “participate” and “course.” I ran the exact same course as the elites, as I always do, just did not compete in the qualifying heat.

Through the year I’ve also managed to join a team and met many people through my travels and races. Some good stories and good people out there. A good thing about Spartan Race that I truly enjoy is that even though it’s a race, many people are out there to help one another to conquer the obstacles set before us. My advice to anyone on the fence who has managed to catch a Spartan Race on TV, read about it in a magazine, or heard a coworker or friend talk about recently, SIGN UP. Don’t be afraid. Finish. Become STRONGER. Sure, I still sometimes get butterflies before a race. It goes away once the race starts and the blood and adrenaline are pumping!

2015 was a good year for racing, fitness, and my general health. I have a total of at LEAST fifteen Spartan Races “planned” in order to get a 5x trifecta. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but I’m ready for it. Here’s to a safe, stronger, fitter 2016!

Spartan Race Sacramento Day 2 Sprint (Asterisk)

2015-11-06 23.30.47

ADAM: Since this was a double race weekend I decided to change it up a little. I published my write-up for the Super, but for the Sprint I decided to let my sister write-up since it was her first Spartan Race experience. I know lately I’ve been writing up races like “blah blah I’ve been here, done that.” So, here’s a first timer’s impression of the Spartan Race Sprint. (With my pictures because she’d kill me if I posted hers)

Spartan Races are not what you think they’re going to will be. Even though I am not in any shape to be doing any races, I wanted to do the Sacramento Sprint, to prove to myself that it was something that could be accomplished. The morning started out pretty cool, there was warmth in the air, perfect weather for a race. When I agreed to do this race, I knew it meant running and obstacles, I was ill prepared for how steep the hills were and that most of the race was up these hills. Not only am I out of shape, my asthma made it even harder for me to see the finish line in the near future.

After being pretty gassed and not even seeing the mile marker, I got scared that I wasn’t going to finish. I did the obstacles, pretty poorly, with the help of Adam, but I still did them. Once we finally got to the water station I was able to muster up some strength, but still needed to go at my own pace. Sorry, Adam. Slow and steady wins the race? Or at least completes it. By the time we got to mile 2, I was winded, but still determined.


I made it to the Tire Flip, no problem. Then came the Multi-Rig, which I was really excited about, because I had faith I’d be able to do it. I got across the bar just fine, grabbed the ring, but couldn’t hold my weight anymore, so I let go. First round of burpees. When we finally got to the Spear Throw I was more than excited, because I was sure this was something I could dominate. As the weather started getting colder, it began to rain and I was not prepared for how cold it was getting. ADAM: I feel it was the most miserable time I’ve had at a Spartan Race. For some reason I felt colder than Tahoe! Probably because I didn’t run to warm up my body so hypothermia kicked in and hit me hard… I stuck with my sister for the most part. I should have run to warm up my core temp. So, once I stepped up to the gate to throw the spear, my mind was just telling me to get it over with and move on so we could be done. I ended up throwing the spear with my left hand, I am not left-handed. Second round of burpees.


Walking through what felt like cement and then getting a muscle spam and falling in said cement like substance was the oddest thing I have even been through, then to do the Barbed Wire Crawl up hill, while I’m covered in whatever that cold mud/cement stuff was, slipping and sliding down. ADAM: Don’t forget about the poor tadpoles! I would have never made it up the hill if it weren’t for some kind-hearted Spartans. My knees will probably never forgive me for putting them through that pain, though. Now really cold, but still focusing on finishing strong, came the Rolling Mud and Dunk Wall. Now, I have to admit, I didn’t completely submerge my head, which disappointed Adam, but I still did the challenge and most of my head was under the not so clean water. We got to the Slip Wall, which is appropriately named, especially in the rain. Adam got up and then went down, completed. Now it was my turn, I got up to the top, adjusted my weight to get myself over, and down I went, to the bottom from where I started. I let myself rest for a few minutes and I tried again. Same thing happened, except this time coming down, I slammed into the wall and fell all the way down. Burpees again?

Once we got to the Inverted Wall, trying to get over another wall, completely gassed, with absolutely no upper body strength, even with Adam’s help, I fell to the ground, hard! Even though I knew nothing could be broken, regardless of adrenaline, I knew more pain would be coming accompanying the bruises. After that point, Adam was way too cold to wait for me ADAM: Likely full on hypothermia by this point, so I told him to go on ahead, which I had been doing all day, but he wanted to make sure I didn’t die and that I finished. When I got to the Z-Wall, it was pouring and really cold. Burpees? I didn’t even attempt the Rope Climb. Burpees? ADAM: To be fair, I got halfway and there was no way I was getting up the super wet rope I even tried using the footgrip method too, when I usually do all upper body, nope! I was done! I actually finished. This was the hardest, most torturous thing I have ever put myself through, but I have never felt more accomplished about anything in my life, so far. Right after we got home, I was planning out what my next race was going to be, thankfully we’re shooting for the end of January, now I have time to train for that.

ADAM: This was my sister’s first Spartan Race, and my final Spartan race of the year. This also concludes my x3 Trifecta. Not bad for a first year. Sure, many people do a Beast their first race. I didn’t get lucky enough to have one close by, so I had to settle for a Super in Monterey, back to back Beast/Sprint Hawaii, back to back Beasts in SoCal and Tahoe (Also the World Championship course). But I finished strong with a triple trifecta. What does next year hold for me? I’ll likely be getting a season pass, but will my wallet be able to take all the travel fees? I can’t wait to find out!

2015-11-09 09.13.23
2015-11-10 08.10.33

Spartan Race Sacramento Day 1 Super

2015-11-06 23.30.47

Where to begin… This was a race I was dreading for a while now, I don’t even know why. Weather was up in the air, I had no idea what to expect. Well, the day finally came. The weather actually held up for us all on Saturday. No rain, decent warmth for a race. However, Of the several venues I’ve been to, “Sacramento’s” Van Vleck Ranch (it’s really in Sloughhouse) impressed me the least. Sure it has some good short, steep rolling hills. Random pools of water, which was never used in the race. But the overall terrain was so boring. I could blame the California drought but I’d doubt it would help the scenery. There weren’t even any cattle or other animals to look at as we pass by. Fresh off my race in Seattle, I was hoping for a little bit of trees and greenery. Nope. Just dead looking brown everywhere. Enough with the scenery, onto the race itself.


I didn’t find this race any more or less challenging than any other Super. There were a few surprise obstacles and one big one missing. For instance, the Hercules Hoist was impossible for me to bring up more than maybe 75% of the way. I’m at about 50% success rate if I don’t count times I had assistance. While other times I had random people help me with the Herc Hoist, but not this race. There was a second plate drag, but instead of on the ground pulling the plate to you via rope, you pulled the plate like cattle right behind you across the small area. Not an obstacle per se, but the trudging through the grey cement-like mud was interesting alone, but add the tadpoles too?! Weirdest obstacle ever…20151118041935

Missing was the Memory Wall… THANK YOU! Even if I AM currently 100%. I can do without the memory test. Sadly after the first couple Memory Walls, I added this to my training. When I’m running on the streets I pick a random letter and phone number on a business and try to memorize it by the end of the run. The stupid part is, I have no idea if I’m right until my next run. Oh well, I’ll do burpees whenever.

Present were the usual suspects: Atlas Carry, Tire Flips, Multi-Rig, Bucket Brigade, Monkey Bars, Spear Throw, and (of course) Rope Climb. I’ll have to add, I nailed the spear throw and no one was around to see it! 🙁 This success made my record 2-8. I figured out a small trick about my successful spear throws that works for me; take a few steps back then forward to get enough momentum forward then throw the spear similar to a football or dart. If I had a back yard I’d be able to practice this more… One of these days I’ll get a successful spear throw recorded on my GoPro.

Another obstacle missing from the venue was the ever loved Fire Jump… despite it being on the map and someone mentioning on social media there was going to be a Fire Jump at the venue. Mega sad face. So here I end my review with a sad finish line picture.

FYI In case you didn't know that's me on the right...

FYI In case you didn’t know that’s me on the right…

Seattle Super Results

2015-10-17 12.48.30 MAP Retooled

Kind of sad. My trip to Washington was barely 24 hours in total. Not only was it a quick trip but the overall pace of my race was my fastest for a Spartan Race of any kind. I managed to finish the Spartan Super in a tad over two hours, the mileage according to my Garmin watch was 7.87. But, since it’s the Super, I’m guessing it was closer to the general consensus on Facebook at around 8.2. Not sure why my watch is missing that much data, it’s usually spot on.

2015-10-17 12.49.25

The day started out a tad cold (nowhere near as cold as Tahoe was) very grey and gloomy. Threats of rain troubled me all week. The start was like any other start at Spartan Race, at this venue they allowed the “start smoke.” I don’t get to see that very often. On first glance I was a little disappointed that this venue didn’t have a lot of hills, and while I was partially right, there were a few troublesome inclines. However, after Temecula and Tahoe, for me the challenge wasn’t really there. I overheard a bunch of people complaining about the hills, but I suppose if you’re not training in the hills it could pose a threat.  But, luckily this venue was a pretty, woodsy, mostly flat trail which would explain my super fast time/pace.

2015-10-17 09.31.22 HDR

Your usual obstacles were there Walls, Atlas Carry, Spear Throw (UGH 1-7!) Monkey Bars, Log Carry, Sandbag Carry, Rope Climb, even the hated Memory Wall! Okay, it’s not the most hated, but I dread it since I have such a poor memory. Oddly enough, I’m 3-0 for the Memory Wall.


Here’s where it got interesting, about two miles left in the course they throw in the Rolling Mud and Dunk Wall. Again, it’s no Tahoe, but it was still pretty cold. Plenty of people cramped up because shortly after the water obstacles was the Bucket Brigade. Rivaling Tahoe, the buckets were filled with SMALL, WET rocks and mud. While not as long distance wise as Tahoe, the cramps, steepness, and wet terrain was tough on anyone’s legs.

The final obstacle thrown at us was the Hercules Hoist. This one scares me because the bags, from what I’m told, weigh more than me. The previous Beasts I couldn’t do it at all, I did manage some assists (thanks!). This one seemed like a cakewalk. Granted it was eight miles and not 16, but I lifted it up and back down without much problem, ran to the bottom of the hill and showed off a little over the Fire Jump. I’m always happy to see the Fire Jump as many venues don’t allow it. NOT EVEN THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP AT TAHOE. Really? A televised event? Anyway, back to “Seattle”…


2015-10-17 11.56.38

A side note. This race completed my x2 Trifecta for an extra medal!

2015-10-17 11.56.20

Overall a great venue for a Spartan Race. Not too hilly, good views, decent weather. Only a few drops in the very beginning, but the sun partially came out in the middle of the morning. Oh, what was with that foul stench of dead fish carcass near the river; that was interesting LOL.



Spartan Race World Championships Lake Tahoe

2015-10-05 16.35.27

First, I’d like to thank Squaw Valley for hosting the Spartan Race World Championships. It’s always great to come back here; it’s been quite a while since I’ve been here, and also the first time when there wasn’t snow everywhere.

Second, I’d like to throw out a big #EFFNORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Norm Koch is a course designer for Spartan Race known to design the hardest courses to challenge anyone… He promised this would be the hardest Beast ever built and BOY did he deliver.

8AM barely anyone there, parking empty. 30 minutes later, the parking lot was full(er) glad I got there when I did.


We started the day (I was there at 8am) with a ~35F weather. It was so bad, you needed to stay in the beam of sunlight or you were freezing! MOST of the racers were in their teeny tight spandex leggings and shirts. There I stood with my Nike run “Fall” jacket feeling a little overdressed. But I sure am glad I did! You’ll find out later.

Right off the bat, at around .6 of a mile, were the Rolling Mud obstacles. Basically three small hills with ice-cold water at the base of the hills. I know my wife probably would have quit right there and then. Luckily, after the quick knee/thigh-high dunks (…waist for me…) it warmed up nicely within an hour or so. By mile 5 I took my Nike jacket off… just in time for my first Log Carry. Your average obstacle, just as difficult as any average sandbag carry/bucket brigade. Up on the right, down on the left.

2015-10-03 11.49.27

Let’s fast forward to Mile 9, the swim obstacle. Yes, SWIM obstacle. No, it wasn’t snowing; so, it could have been much, much worse. However, I think it was bad enough. There was a burpee option to skip the obstacle, you’d have to do 60 burpees instead of the regular 30. It IS the world championships after all.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/YwgQN42PnSA Thanks for the vid, Peach!

For some stupid reason I grabbed the life vest (non-elites are required) and got into the water. I don’t know how long exactly, but according to MapMyRun it was about .07mi (or 123.2 yards, or 369.6 feet) and took me THREE minutes. I’ll tell you this, it was the coldest, longest three minutes of my life. I was struggling mentally, physically, spiritually, and whatever “-ally” to swim to the other end of the water. It didn’t help that the life vest was thick and choking me. I could swim faster forward but because of the vest at my neck, every so often I had to switch to my back. At the end of the swim, a wooden stepladder allowed Spartans to get out of the icy water. But when I got to the stepladder there were some people with cramps and such sitting on the wood prohibiting me from getting on the wood and out of the freezing water. Finally out of the water I RAN to my jacket and Camelbak to get my body warmed up again.

Up a hill, shivering non-stop I got to the next set of obstacles, the barbed wire crawl from hell. Not only was it a barbed wire crawl (everyone was using the rolling method), but the longest one I’ve ever seen. But to make it worse, the entire obstacle consisted of a wire crawl, wall hurdle, wire crawl, turn around and wire crawl the opposite direction, wall hurdle, wall DUNK in water similar cold temperature as the swim, slip wall (diagonal steep wall with rope to help you up), BACK the other direction under yet another barbed wire crawl, wall hurdle, and another barbed wire crawl. I think I got that right.


It was cold, windy and, overcast so there was NO help from the sun. At that point hypothermia hit me hard. I was shivering so much, even worse than after the swim obstacle. I couldn’t huddle in a ball because every time I tried I cramped up in my legs. I went to Tahoe solo so I didn’t huddle with anyone /sadface. Not a Weeple in sight. I took my time and finally pulled myself together, but didn’t need to go far because I was leaning against the next obstacle to warm up and shield myself from the cold wind. Sadly, it was my favorite obstacle, the rope climb. I got my composure and pulled myself up the rope climb in my usual fashion, all upper body strength. But after ringing the bell at the top, my body said “Um, no.” I used my legs to get down. There’s no shame in that.

I’ll make this quick because of how pissed off I am about this, even right now. I failed the damned spear throw again… I’m now 1-6. Just as I was about to release the spear, my calf cramped up and it was off my fingers and in the air, WIDE. Burpees… F U SPEAR.

Let me say this, I will never complain about Bucket Brigade ever again. Instead of rocks, we filled buckets with dirt and rocks making it even heavier. Add that to a VERY long loop. I’m not sure exactly how long but it was at least twice as long as most I’ve been on. Though not as steep as, say, Temecula, the added weight, distance, and placement on the course was sheer terror. Oh, did I mention there was no burpee option? You had to do the buckets. If the bucket is not above the drilled holes when you reached the bottom, you do a second loop. They were very strict and checked every bucket. Brutal.


I'll just tell people, "My wife beats me."

From the Bucket Brigade. I’ll just tell people, “My wife beats me.”

The last and final obstacle was the Clif Multi-Rig. For those that do not know what a Multi Rig is, it’s a series of rings, long bar, and ropes (differs per race) and you must swing from each to the other side to hit the hanging bell at the end. I reached the last possible hanging rope and grip strength gave out. I should have just kicked the bell with my feet, but I always try to use my hands. No more, I will kick that bell next time. Everyone was watching I was the only one on the Multi-Rig at the time. Mega embarrassing. AND the finish line was maybe 100 feet away from that last obstacle, laughing at me.

I finished the burpee penalty, and ran as fast as I could to the finish line. DONE. Frozen Hell complete. Nega-Temecula over. Worst, longest beast I’ve ever done. I vowed I will never do another cold swim ever again… At least not without a thermal blanket or other SMART things to have on hand.

2015-10-03 16.51.11



Temecula Spartan Race Beast Review

I’m sitting in my hotel room typing up this review. Waiting for a Spartan Race is tough. Especially if you’re alone, miles away from home, in a no-frills motel… Anyway, last weekend was the dreaded Temecula (SoCal) Spartan Race. Last year it was so hot (100+) they had to cancel the race and kick people off the course. This worried me to the point where I sort of wanted to transfer to another venue. However, I gave it my all and pushed through it.

2015-09-25 19.29.31

The actual race was great! To be honest when I was out there in the hills it wasn’t even that hot. I’m told it topped out at 97 F, breezy at most places of the course, overall I felt it was a good temperature for the race. My highest point of the race is when I nailed the SPEAR THROW!!! But, I couldn’t celebrate too long because I had to keep moving and I could see the next obstacle just a few feet away, the other dreaded one, the Bucket Brigade. I took my time, so it wasn’t so bad. I mean it really hurt my time and placement. But does it really matter? Not really.


The actual course looked like a jagged figure eight (okay, that’s a very oversimplification of the actual layout). The start and finish in the middle right next to one another. Halfway through the course, around mile 7, obviously I wasn’t finished, but in plain sight was the finish line and my body completely shut down; my right calf and both rear quads locked up. I couldn’t move for about a half an hour. I had a fellow Weeple talk me through the pain and I got up and moved through the pain. After a few miles of walking I felt better. It did act up a little in the cold water walk, but it still felt good because of the heat from the damn sun. We were walking on a really weird surface, like goop. Black fine powder goop, WTF is this crap?


Then comes the memory sign. I still can’t forget my assignment. Echo 108-7551. I hate memory tests. Almost as much as spear throw and Hercules Hoist… But I managed to pass that once again I’m actually 2-2 for that. I muscled through the pain and before I knew it, the race was over. I got another set of pictures over the fire wall and even one with my whole trifecta medal set at Victory Wall.



I sit here reflecting on last weekend’s Beast, when I have to actually worry more about TOMORROW’s Beast. I go from extreme heat to “extreme” cold and altitude. I have a 9:15am start time. So, I better get some rest soon. Another trifecta almost done! Last race of my Spartan Race season is November. So wish me luck in staying healthy! Well, for starters, wish me luck in tomorrow’s race. AROO!!!!!!



Hawaii Trifecta Weekend Part 2

I probably shouldn’t call these two posts “Hawaii Trifecta Weekend.” It WAS the Hawaii Trifecta Weekend, but I didn’t run the trifecta and the titles might misrepresent my involvement in the actual said trifecta.

Let me semi-start this post with, I DID NOT RUN THE TRIFECTA IN HAWAII. Better? Okay, let me continue. Today, I ran the Sprint with my wife, my brother, and his GF. We finished in about an hour and thirty minutes and it was roughly 4 miles, according to my Garmin watch. Not bad. I’m proud of my wife who tried really hard with little training, and actually little failures in obstacles. Sure, I did a lot of the work, which basically doubled my load. Sure, I did most of her burpees. But she finished, and I’m truly proud of her. If you ever get to meet her, she’s a little dainty flower, you wouldn’t think she would do one of these. I’m sure maybe a year or so ago he would flip her shit if you tried to get her to jump in the mud. But she did it, and even without a single “eeew” or the like.

Anyway, let her get her own blog, LOL. Today was the Sprint. Yesterday was the Beast. Sadly, no Hawaii Super for me this year and my pretty medals won’t ever match with their blue counterpart. Yes, OCD senses tingling. I’ll live. Just makes me want to pre-reg for next year. Or, will I? The organization was such a mess. If you haven’t read yesterday’s post, please do. Today, I don’t think all the headbands were all over the grass. However, ALL of our headbands (two different sets of numbers) were not delivered to Spartan Race Hawaii and we had no headbands. There was a banana cut in half for each person, and a coconut water drink at the end; That’s it. They needed to get more or better sponsors here. All of the other Spartan Races have a ton of freebies at the end, Clif Bars (This might just be California Spartan Races since Clif is based in Berkeley, CA), protein drinks, whatever. Where’s the swag? WHERE’S THE FREE BEER?! That’s right, I said no free beer. Maybe I should have started with that one… I’m sure many Spartans alike will be more pissed off about missing the free beer than anything else. It could be a venue issue. Just like how there are no fire jumps at the Monterey Toro Park Spartan Races.

All of these problems are very minor because at the end of the day I did my race, I had fun, I got my finisher t-shirt and finisher medal. (There are reports that people did not receive finisher stuff!) Sure, all the little things add up. But do I lifetime ban it just because of these problems? I don’t think so. It’s still Spartan Race, licensed or actual. I’ll likely sign up for the trifecta weekend next year.

2015-08-16 21.53.55

My haul from the weekend.

Hawaii Trifecta Weekend

So, I’m here in Hawaii (not to do the whole trifecta, mind you.) and I signed up myself, my wife, my brother, and his GF to do the Open Sprint on Sunday. And for some STRANGE reason I get an inkling to rent a car and do the Beast the day before, so I do it. So, THIS JUST HAPPENED.

2015-08-15 14.46.20

Mean mugging the camera. I’m old, ok? I don’t know how to do this selfie thing all the young kids are doing…

I don’t know how, but I pushed through every mile of the Hawaii Spartan Race Beast. Which I might add, was poorly run. Sure, I was a late reg. Many people were, MANY. But only one person was working the line, poor lady. I do feel sorry for her, she was preggo and had to deal with a BUNCH of pissed off Spartans. I missed my hopeful start time of 7am by TWO hours. Not only that, but in order to get headbands I had to wade through a bunch of piles of headbands on the ground. There was a loose order to which they were laid out, but so many Spartans also flipping through them, they were everywhere some 7000s here, 5600s there, etc. It was bad. This contributed about 30 minutes to my 2 hour late start. It was so bad, I started with the Super heat start time. I had to cut in line to the front to catch up with the Beasts. To top all this off, I could probably shave of at LEAST an hour of my time because of an issue the park had with a rope descent which broke and we were all standing at a steep & muddy incline for what felt like forever. So many more pissed of Spartans. Just another obstacle to deal with today…

Despite all this, it was a good day for me. I finished trifecta number one. But because it was impromptu, I didn’t have my other two medals, and couldn’t post pictures with all three medals. So, I’ll probably do that in Temecula or Tahoe. Whelp, time to go to sleep and do this all over again. Well, shorter distance, but in the mud again…

2015-08-15 05.53.26

Bright fking early.

2015-08-15 12.45.28

Cows, not obstacles.

2015-08-15 14.56.22

Random cliffs of Kualoa Ranch