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2016 Spartan Race Medals and T-Shirt Review

Something out of the ordinary I thought I’d do. The 2016 race season is here and so are the 2016 shirts and medals, I thought I’d give a review of the new gear. I’ve already posted pics of these on my previous post, but giving them their own page seems appropriate. First the medals:

2016-02-04 15.09.22

The pie pieces are pretty identical to last years’ medals, only, obviously, it says 2016 on them. The ribbons got an update on their look, instead of the plain color ribbon it’s patterned and say 2016 on them. But the Pièce De Résistance is the main circle medal. This year the helmet is cut out instead of the full metal medal. I think that’s a neat touch. Maybe it was cheaper because of less materials, I joke; or do I?

2016-02-02 16.24.43

Now for the shirts. Oh, the glorious finisher shirts. An everyday way to show off your pride of finishing any type of race, because wearing our medals every day is such a fashion faux pas. A small change to the front is the paint (blood?) splatter in the outsides of the diamond plated SR logo circle. An interesting addition to the shirt is the American flag on the right arm, thank goodness it’s flying correct too. On the left arm is the Reebok logo.

The back of the shirt is where it differs the most the “FINISHER” text is slightly smaller and they moved the “trifecta qualifier” from the right sleeve under the “FINISHER” text. In the background you can faintly see in dots the shape of all the continents and in the corresponding race color tiny dots of where, I assume, are all the races have or will be held. Sadly, Hawaii does NOT appear to be present.

There you have it. Do you already have yours? Which city do anticipate the most?