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Long Time No See

It’s been a while. So, I’ll cross post this elsewhere. I haven’t been up to much lately since being unemployed for 7 months. Recently got a contract for my previous employer, so that’s good. I’ve been keeping up on my workout regiment, which included a lot of running and a new one of Xbox workouts. 

Now, before you roll your eyes let me finish. The Xbox workouts are great tools to get gamers moving. It can even be challenging even to the fit person as long as you make your workout what you want it to be. You can make it easier, or even add intensity. One pro-tip. Ignore the Xbox points and the camera, it might hinder your workout in that you might want to work too hard or take it easy too much just to pass goals. Work within your comfort limit and have fun.

Time has passed and it’s been almost two years since I played hockey as a regular (not a sub). Last night was my first game back, and I can’t say “it’s like I never left” because well I felt BETTER than before. The speed was still there, maybe more. But I do have a lot more stamina and don’t even need my inhaler anymore. Also gone are the days I need to eat four hours before a game, just no buffets 15 min before a game please.

I just checked my email and realized I have two weeks until the Monterey Soartan Race. When did that happen?! Man, time flies. I hope I’m ready for it!

Update: second day after… I’m pretty sore. Legs and back hurt like crazy. I limped through a 4.25 mile run this afternoon just to get some cardio. But it was painful…