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Hellmecula Race Day

Well, the day has finally come. I am about to start the hot Temecula Spartan Race Beast. Hope I spent all that time preparing correctly for this one. Hope I have enough fuel and water. I also hope they don’t cut the race short… 

Tahoe Inbound!

I went and did it… I signed up and paid for my death warrant. The Tahoe Beast is ready for me, I just have to drive there. I only have a week after Temecula(Hellmecula) to get acclimated to the cold and altitude. I think I’m a little screwed ha. Well, I have all day to finish, so I should be fine. The next day Sunday for a charity race, as well? Maybe. It’s for charity, after all! Plus, it counts as a Sprint for the next Trifecta, so that helps wipe my tears away.

I’m In Trouble…

I’ve been heat training for months to prepare myself for Temecula. It might be stupid hot next weekend. And then I found this posted all over Facebook from various people, in multiple groups.

2015-09-17 21_40_23-Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

This isn’t Temecula, Tahoe for the Spartan Race World Championships the weekend after. Norm, himself, guaranteed This Tahoe World Championship to be the hardest Beast ever designed. All the big names in the industry will likely be there. Which is why this is a race I shouldn’t miss. But that early snow really is freaking me out right now.

What to do, what to do…

Then again it might be a fake picture or the snow already melted because if you check the livecams, they’re all brown dirt. I still have to wait until after Temecula to decide.

Spartan’s Hardest Obstacles

…at least according to a survey.

It’s an interesting article, but from my point of view this is fairly wrong. But that’s probably because I have a strong upper body.

If I could reorder the list above it would probably look something like this:

Spear Throw
Hercules Hoist
Bucket Carry
Atlas Carry
Rope Climb
8ft Wall
Clif Multi Rig
Monkey Bars
Barbed Wire

Sure, rope climb is up there, but only cause there’s easier ones I’m not worried about at all.

Hawaii Spartan Race Reflection

I’ve had a little time to think and reflect about the Hawaii Spartan Race Trifecta Weekend. I had a great time; I mean, it was in freaking Hawaii. Of all the times I’ve been to Hawaii, it’s the first time I did an event like a Spartan Race, or any race for that matter. I’d like to do one of the XTERRA races eventually.

However… because it is a “licensed” race, Spartan Race Hawaii isn’t given the luxuries regular mainland races so, such as the ability to give away free races to volunteers. This was the kicker, and even made me not want to volunteer. That would explain the lack of volunteers on race days and the unorganized fashion everything was laid out. My wife brings up the point that if you don’t have volunteers you should dig into the profits and get more paid positions to help the event. With poor organization (long lines at late reg, broken obstacles) and sheer mayhem (the headbands on day one, or none at all!) are people going to come back next year? Previous racers might balk at the chance and new racers might hear about it, think twice, and spend their money on a mainland event. I could be very wrong and everyone will sign up anyway. I just might.

Overall, even if it isn’t Spartan Race it still could hurt their brand. I would hate it if Spartan Race Hawaii loses their license; Kualoa Ranch is a beautiful venue, one of the best I’ve been to for any type race.

Where was I going with this? While not a perfect event, it was still a Spartan Race in one of the most beautiful settings. I finished the race, got my medals/t-shirts, and had fun doing it. Were there problems, yes (long lines for late reg, missing/disorganized headbands, lack of abundance of post race recovery fuel), but all of this could be overlooked as minor issues in favor of the bigger picture. As soon as it’s available I just might sign up for the full trifecta weekend!

I still would have liked my souvenir headband though… Does anyone have a 7183 headband?


I look so freaking tired and thankful it’s finally over, LOL.

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Hawaii Trifecta Weekend Part 2

I probably shouldn’t call these two posts “Hawaii Trifecta Weekend.” It WAS the Hawaii Trifecta Weekend, but I didn’t run the trifecta and the titles might misrepresent my involvement in the actual said trifecta.

Let me semi-start this post with, I DID NOT RUN THE TRIFECTA IN HAWAII. Better? Okay, let me continue. Today, I ran the Sprint with my wife, my brother, and his GF. We finished in about an hour and thirty minutes and it was roughly 4 miles, according to my Garmin watch. Not bad. I’m proud of my wife who tried really hard with little training, and actually little failures in obstacles. Sure, I did a lot of the work, which basically doubled my load. Sure, I did most of her burpees. But she finished, and I’m truly proud of her. If you ever get to meet her, she’s a little dainty flower, you wouldn’t think she would do one of these. I’m sure maybe a year or so ago he would flip her shit if you tried to get her to jump in the mud. But she did it, and even without a single “eeew” or the like.

Anyway, let her get her own blog, LOL. Today was the Sprint. Yesterday was the Beast. Sadly, no Hawaii Super for me this year and my pretty medals won’t ever match with their blue counterpart. Yes, OCD senses tingling. I’ll live. Just makes me want to pre-reg for next year. Or, will I? The organization was such a mess. If you haven’t read yesterday’s post, please do. Today, I don’t think all the headbands were all over the grass. However, ALL of our headbands (two different sets of numbers) were not delivered to Spartan Race Hawaii and we had no headbands. There was a banana cut in half for each person, and a coconut water drink at the end; That’s it. They needed to get more or better sponsors here. All of the other Spartan Races have a ton of freebies at the end, Clif Bars (This might just be California Spartan Races since Clif is based in Berkeley, CA), protein drinks, whatever. Where’s the swag? WHERE’S THE FREE BEER?! That’s right, I said no free beer. Maybe I should have started with that one… I’m sure many Spartans alike will be more pissed off about missing the free beer than anything else. It could be a venue issue. Just like how there are no fire jumps at the Monterey Toro Park Spartan Races.

All of these problems are very minor because at the end of the day I did my race, I had fun, I got my finisher t-shirt and finisher medal. (There are reports that people did not receive finisher stuff!) Sure, all the little things add up. But do I lifetime ban it just because of these problems? I don’t think so. It’s still Spartan Race, licensed or actual. I’ll likely sign up for the trifecta weekend next year.

2015-08-16 21.53.55

My haul from the weekend.

Hawaii Trifecta Weekend

So, I’m here in Hawaii (not to do the whole trifecta, mind you.) and I signed up myself, my wife, my brother, and his GF to do the Open Sprint on Sunday. And for some STRANGE reason I get an inkling to rent a car and do the Beast the day before, so I do it. So, THIS JUST HAPPENED.

2015-08-15 14.46.20

Mean mugging the camera. I’m old, ok? I don’t know how to do this selfie thing all the young kids are doing…

I don’t know how, but I pushed through every mile of the Hawaii Spartan Race Beast. Which I might add, was poorly run. Sure, I was a late reg. Many people were, MANY. But only one person was working the line, poor lady. I do feel sorry for her, she was preggo and had to deal with a BUNCH of pissed off Spartans. I missed my hopeful start time of 7am by TWO hours. Not only that, but in order to get headbands I had to wade through a bunch of piles of headbands on the ground. There was a loose order to which they were laid out, but so many Spartans also flipping through them, they were everywhere some 7000s here, 5600s there, etc. It was bad. This contributed about 30 minutes to my 2 hour late start. It was so bad, I started with the Super heat start time. I had to cut in line to the front to catch up with the Beasts. To top all this off, I could probably shave of at LEAST an hour of my time because of an issue the park had with a rope descent which broke and we were all standing at a steep & muddy incline for what felt like forever. So many more pissed of Spartans. Just another obstacle to deal with today…

Despite all this, it was a good day for me. I finished trifecta number one. But because it was impromptu, I didn’t have my other two medals, and couldn’t post pictures with all three medals. So, I’ll probably do that in Temecula or Tahoe. Whelp, time to go to sleep and do this all over again. Well, shorter distance, but in the mud again…

2015-08-15 05.53.26

Bright fking early.

2015-08-15 12.45.28

Cows, not obstacles.

2015-08-15 14.56.22

Random cliffs of Kualoa Ranch

AT&T Park Spartan Race Sprint

Last weekend I had the opportunity to earn another piece of my Spartan Race Trifecta. I ran with a couple guys from high school and a friend from work. We somehow ditched my coworker from the small confined spaces of the bleachers, but more on that later…

This Spartan Race was the Sprint, a 3+ mile obstacle course race. Located in San Francisco at the AT&T Park where the Giants play, there wasn’t a lot of room for a race. But, they managed to squeeze it out of the place. Utilizing every nook and step of AT&T Park the race was pretty difficult for a short Sprint. I think I touched almost a third of all the steps in the bleachers in the entire stadium. Or at least that’s how it felt…

The race went through a bunch of the stadium, some never seen by your average baseball/concert goer, change/locker rooms, VIP Box seats, etc. However, it felt really claustrophobic. Up, down, through all the stairs and seats, with only two rows available at a time, there wasn’t a lot of space to pass up slow people, which is where we lost my coworker. Slow people cutting off other people, not abiding by the stay right rule… He got caught behind a bunch of slow people and never caught up with us until the very end. At least he had a good time. We all had a good time. And now I have TWO pieces of my trifecta. Too bad my beast isn’t for another two months! I can’t wait! Continue reading

Spartan Race Monterey Recap (pic heavy)

To anyone who doesn’t know what Spartan Race is, here are the rules.

Straight to the YouTube videos!

This Saturday was the Spartan Race obstacle course race at Monterey (Salinas). This is my first Spartan, second OCR, and 5th overall officially timed race. Of the three difficulties of the Spartan Race (Sprint 3+, Super 8+, and Beast 10+), this was the middle “Super”), but I’ve watched plenty of videos and talked to people so I knew what to expect…

Continue reading