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Race & Memorial

A few weeks back my maternal grandfather passed away. It wasn’t much of a painful passing that I’m aware of, mostly old age. He turned 90 a few weeks before that. He lived a long happy life and we’re glad to know him. Today we had his memorial and it wasn’t too depressing because it was more of a celebration of life than a funeral. In a while I think he’d be happy for his day.

On a side note I committed myself in the early morning to run the Sharks Foundation 5k. Why 5k when I do half marathons and Spartan Races? Well, I’m coming up on my 1 year workout anniversary when I started my journey to being healthy. I wanted to see my progress from my very first race last October. It’s easy to see I DEMOLISHED my previous time. Read more for some pics!

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OCR + Workout Weekend – Rugged Maniac

EDIT: Video added!

This weekend was a long holiday weekend (unexpected, I got Memorial Day off), I attended my first OCR (obstacle course race) at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton. I convinced two of my coworkers to join me for a mini race group. When we got there I was a little disappointed because it looked like some dudes (BIG) back yard with a couple obstacles a middle school kid could build. There was much more on the other side of the field but I wasn’t far off. To make matters worse, it felt like a family affair. Just anyone showed up to do the obstacle course and timing chips were optional. I suppose that’s ok, but I was half expecting elite OCR racers for some reason. Anyway, I’ve been working out harder for these type of events so I was ready for pretty much anything. My two coworkers, not so much; did they work out? Yes, but not quite at my level, but that’s ok. Especially after looking at the other people with race bibs. In our time slot we got to our gate early so we were right at the star line in our corral. Right off the starting horn we were off at a full sprint. I’ll let my video explain (BELOW!) but it wasn’t difficult but still overall a fun experience. So much fun, I barely broke a sweat and we ran it a second time!!

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There’s something gratifying about lifting in the gym, taking a bench next to someone with a similar or bigger build, and while comparing weights with the corner of my eye I see that I’m lifting a heavier weight with the same reps and cadence. Just saying.

Wait what? 13.1mi?!

I know I said I probably wouldn’t run a half marathon in a previous post. …I didn’t think I would. If anything maybe a light jog or walk. Well NOPE!!!

This weekend I RAN the Santa Cruz half marathon; 13.1 long miles of running. It was great because a decent portion of the run was along the coast. All I could see was ocean and beach. I was doing good, had a good pace going, maybe a little fast (8:30/mi) but was consistent for about 8 miles. I didn’t start feeling it until mile 9 where my thighs started to tighten up a little. About mile 10-12 I got the side stitch really bad. It slowed me a lot. But I pressed on the pain, and pushed on and managed to finish the race.

Now that my 1/2 marathon is behind me I just need to survive my Rugged Maniac (3-4mi) and my Monterey Spartan Race (8mi), so I can mentally and physically prepare myself for “The Beast” 13+ miles of terrain + obstacles. It’s not going to be easy. But if it was, everyone would be doing it!

As a reminder here’s my online calendar.

Results are HERE

Pictures are HERE

OMG Front Page!

I just found out that out of hundreds of photos of the last race I did, one of mine was posted on their main Facebook page!

Or a direct link to the page:

Mission Complete

I completed my goal from my previous post. My weight after Thanksgiving was a loss of 0.4 pounds; not a huge loss, but a loss none the less. It took a total of three workouts (@75 minutes total) and a mile or so (lazy) run to burn off all the calories off. I actually thought I didn’t eat enough calories, then ate more. Then got worried I ate too much, ha!

Can’t wait to conquer Christmas too!

Happy Thanksgiving

I’m going to attempt the impossible today; I’m going to try to LOSE weight this Thanksgiving. It’s going to take a lot of will power. But it’s okay, I have this one in the bag! I am already two workouts down, only two more to go. LET’S DO THIS!

Kale Chips!

We’ve been married for over two years now and I just finally opened one of our wedding gifts to use. It was an infrared oven (aka air fryer?) given to us by her side. Actually pretty useful cause it heats like an oven, without heating the whole damned house. Anyway, I got this crazy idea to use it to dehydrate kale to make kale chips. HOLY CRAP it worked! All I did was throw in the kale drizzled some Sriracha on it and let it run on low heat. Almost as easy as boiling water. I didn’t even need oil! Gotta make a ton more batches of this…

Kale Chips With Sriracha

Healthier Coke?!

I just find something potentially better than Mexican bottled Coke. Coca-Cola Life. It’s also made with real sugar, no aspartame, no Hugh fructose corn syrup. Sure, it has stevia, and in my experience it can be too sweet; but 8oz is only 60 calories. Now, let’s see how it tastes…


So I finished all the workout schedules for T25. I could count it as twice since I doubled the workouts most of the days. I got the results I wanted, but is it time to move on or repeat?

I don’t think repeating is good since there’s three levels of intensity; alpha, beta, and gamma. What I’ll likely do is do what I did when I finished other videos, intertwine my favorite workouts every day. That means goofing through all of the T25, Insanity, and P90X videos and hand picking all the videos I want to do to focus on parts I want to. Add some treadmill and outdoor jogging and I’m set.

I just have to keep up on my food intake and eat the right things, that’s the hardest part and going to be harder with a vacation and holidays coming up!