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UA HOVR Shoe Retired

For a full year, I ran (almost) every single day with these shoes. I might have taken a day or so when travelling to wear a different pair so these won’t be sweaty in my luggage. However, now that it’s a year later I have decided to retire these shoes.

I tend to overuse shoes. Hell, I still have a pair of Nike Pegasus 31s from my first Marathon that have well 1,000 miles on them. Why? I’m super cheap, they aren’t torn to shreds yet, the insoles are still thick enough that I’m not running directly on concrete, and well why not? I know, many “professionals” say to change out your shoes every 400-500 miles, but if they’re not ripped up or feel worn or you aren’t hurting while running, I say keep running.

Here’s the final mileage sheet from the UA MapMyRun app:
2019-02-14 10.43.05

Here’s the “AFTER” pic of over 365 runs (gross). Remember, these used to be WHITE!
2019-02-23 18.15.25

Time to find new shoes and new tech to play with.