UA HOVR Shoe “Phoneless” Run

A few days ago I ran with the UA HOVR shoes without phone connection; basically, I didn’t use the MapMyRun app. I wanted to compare stats between my normal run with and without the app. There ARE caveats, you have to run faster than 14 min/mi, so it won’t track walks. It might still track steps and add to your step count,  but it won’t add to your time when syncing your run. Also, apparently it doesn’t store GPS as I had previously thought. Even though in the document it says “The only shoe that tracks its complete usage – not just workout miles – but distance from daily steps, too.”

So the following images will allow you to see what exactly is being saved in the MapMyRun app: Pre-HOVR, shoe sensors only, and both shoes and app.

Pre-Hover Using App UA HOVR Shoes Only UA HOVR Shoes + MMR App

I might have said in a previous post that the app doesn’t save stride/cadence, but it might have been just a sync or some other app issue as it seems to be working now. Overall the tech is interesting, but are stride and cadence that important of a selling point for a shoe? Maybe, maybe not. I personally don’t see the benefit. On a separate note, I never run without my phone, I don’t see the point not to. Yes, it’s large and clunky, but I don’t even notice it now. I don’t know how much more “accurate” the stats will be with the shoes, for me just the app is “close enough.”

Perhaps the real question for me is, do I really need all this tech to begin with? What happened to just running to maintain and stay healthy? Some people (like myself in the beginning) need goals and reason to keep at it, “a carrot on a stick” if you will. Everyone has their motivation. If improving stats to make you healthy works, I say go for it. If you don’t, you won’t see the benefits; just find a comfortable shoe and get out there and have fun!

Side note: I did have trouble connecting the shoe a few times; apparently just stepping in the shoe doesn’t wake it up, you have to turn it upside down and right side up again to wake it up… Lame, but really a minor issue since I got it working.

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