Getting Back Into It

Today I got out and ran outside. I feel great but still not 100% even though my pace is almost back to where it was before the marathon. Monday was fine, but I still only did weights. Tuesday was probably the worst soreness ever. I barely walked a few miles to the grocery store and back. Wednesday I did a couple T25s and felt almost ready, even if my arms were sore from the weights on Monday! But today, I woke up and didn’t feel like my legs were trying to kill me; so I got out and ran, a respectable 3.5 miles too.

Now, what to do. Keep training for halves? Keep it low, maybe 3 miles a day? I still need to work out to maintain. Maybe I’ll keep my regiment M=Insanity/T25, Tu=3, W=5, Th=3, F=P90X, SA=Hills 5+, SU=3-5. We’ll see, I can’t just stop. I might have to restart weights everyday again. Anyway, it’s just great to hit the pavement after a few days “off!”

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