Sac CIM Aftermath

Well, I survived all 26.2 miles of the Sacramento full marathon. Still dark and early as fk (5 am) my sister-in-law and I made our way from our hotel room to the convention center where we were picked up via bus and transported to Folsom where the Start line was.

Pre-race Mean Mugging

Mean-mugging my Sister-in-Law before the race for talking me into this…

2015-12-06 06.58.12

There’s a LOT of people out here!

5 minutes before the start of the race it started to sprinkle. Then shortly after the gun at 7am it started to pour. I was very afraid it was going to rain the whole race. The last time I was rained on, ALSO in “Sacramento,” it was also freezing cold and I was on the brink of hypothermia AGAIN. Luckily the rain stopped after the first few miles.

In my training I only did at MOST twenty miles. So the 26.2 miles required for a marathon was still six miles off. Curious, because for half marathon training it usually only goes up to ten miles; so two extra miles isn’t so bad, six plus seems like a lot. That said, I find it funny that in my first half marathon my body shut down at about 10 miles. Luckily, I believe I got through at least 12 miles before I started to hurt. I trained for the high miles, but still managed to not feel like I got enough training. The odd thing is, I started to hurt around my hips. I have never hurt there, it was typically plantar fasciitis on both feet or the tops of both of my knees. However, I think the hips were more manageable than my knees.

The course was actually a fun one, going from Folsom to Sacramento. Got to see the streets of some cities I never get to see. Small town, nice residential areas, a few abandoned businesses too. Was motivating to see all the volunteers, family members, residents cheering for the runners.

After about 20 miles, that’s when I was really starting to feel the strain on my lower body. It’s a little sad, my lungs weren’t challenged at all. My LEGS, however, didn’t like the beating they were taking. I’m positive I was center striking. But my plantar, knees, and hips were telling me to stop. My brain and heart just kept saying, “Meh, it’s 6 miles more; that’s nothing.”

Six miles later we saw the finish line, which was weird because they split the line by gender. The men’s finish line was like a few feet farther. So odd, but I’m told it’s due to congestion. However, I’ve read stories online of couples wanting to cross the line with their partners and someone jumps in front of them to point out the correct line for their gender. I feel this is just wrong. Oh well, it is what it is. Passing the finish line we get our medals, water, banana, and one of the best tomato soup and pita type cup. Pretty good, not as good as the tacos at the Hawaii Spartan Race, but good.

So, I managed to finish my first marathon. Would I do it again? I’m leaning more towards no, but I can’t say for sure. If I had the motivation or reason, and I wasn’t restricted or threatened by a course DQ time of 13:40 min/mi, I might. But until then I’ll stick to my 5s, 10s, and half marathons. Oh yeah, and of course all my fun Spartan Races. This isn’t called… Wait, now I have to go register that domain too…

2015-12-06 12.21.55-1

I could never get a good shot with the CIM. Everyone was always in the way.

2015-12-06 14.06.53

I was SO stoked my bib number was a palindrome!

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