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Spartan Race Sacramento Day 2 Sprint (Asterisk)

2015-11-06 23.30.47

ADAM: Since this was a double race weekend I decided to change it up a little. I published my write-up for the Super, but for the Sprint I decided to let my sister write-up since it was her first Spartan Race experience. I know lately I’ve been writing up races like “blah blah I’ve been here, done that.” So, here’s a first timer’s impression of the Spartan Race Sprint. (With my pictures because she’d kill me if I posted hers)

Spartan Races are not what you think they’re going to will be. Even though I am not in any shape to be doing any races, I wanted to do the Sacramento Sprint, to prove to myself that it was something that could be accomplished. The morning started out pretty cool, there was warmth in the air, perfect weather for a race. When I agreed to do this race, I knew it meant running and obstacles, I was ill prepared for how steep the hills were and that most of the race was up these hills. Not only am I out of shape, my asthma made it even harder for me to see the finish line in the near future.

After being pretty gassed and not even seeing the mile marker, I got scared that I wasn’t going to finish. I did the obstacles, pretty poorly, with the help of Adam, but I still did them. Once we finally got to the water station I was able to muster up some strength, but still needed to go at my own pace. Sorry, Adam. Slow and steady wins the race? Or at least completes it. By the time we got to mile 2, I was winded, but still determined.


I made it to the Tire Flip, no problem. Then came the Multi-Rig, which I was really excited about, because I had faith I’d be able to do it. I got across the bar just fine, grabbed the ring, but couldn’t hold my weight anymore, so I let go. First round of burpees. When we finally got to the Spear Throw I was more than excited, because I was sure this was something I could dominate. As the weather started getting colder, it began to rain and I was not prepared for how cold it was getting. ADAM: I feel it was the most miserable time I’ve had at a Spartan Race. For some reason I felt colder than Tahoe! Probably because I didn’t run to warm up my body so hypothermia kicked in and hit me hard… I stuck with my sister for the most part. I should have run to warm up my core temp. So, once I stepped up to the gate to throw the spear, my mind was just telling me to get it over with and move on so we could be done. I ended up throwing the spear with my left hand, I am not left-handed. Second round of burpees.


Walking through what felt like cement and then getting a muscle spam and falling in said cement like substance was the oddest thing I have even been through, then to do the Barbed Wire Crawl up hill, while I’m covered in whatever that cold mud/cement stuff was, slipping and sliding down. ADAM: Don’t forget about the poor tadpoles! I would have never made it up the hill if it weren’t for some kind-hearted Spartans. My knees will probably never forgive me for putting them through that pain, though. Now really cold, but still focusing on finishing strong, came the Rolling Mud and Dunk Wall. Now, I have to admit, I didn’t completely submerge my head, which disappointed Adam, but I still did the challenge and most of my head was under the not so clean water. We got to the Slip Wall, which is appropriately named, especially in the rain. Adam got up and then went down, completed. Now it was my turn, I got up to the top, adjusted my weight to get myself over, and down I went, to the bottom from where I started. I let myself rest for a few minutes and I tried again. Same thing happened, except this time coming down, I slammed into the wall and fell all the way down. Burpees again?

Once we got to the Inverted Wall, trying to get over another wall, completely gassed, with absolutely no upper body strength, even with Adam’s help, I fell to the ground, hard! Even though I knew nothing could be broken, regardless of adrenaline, I knew more pain would be coming accompanying the bruises. After that point, Adam was way too cold to wait for me ADAM: Likely full on hypothermia by this point, so I told him to go on ahead, which I had been doing all day, but he wanted to make sure I didn’t die and that I finished. When I got to the Z-Wall, it was pouring and really cold. Burpees? I didn’t even attempt the Rope Climb. Burpees? ADAM: To be fair, I got halfway and there was no way I was getting up the super wet rope I even tried using the footgrip method too, when I usually do all upper body, nope! I was done! I actually finished. This was the hardest, most torturous thing I have ever put myself through, but I have never felt more accomplished about anything in my life, so far. Right after we got home, I was planning out what my next race was going to be, thankfully we’re shooting for the end of January, now I have time to train for that.

ADAM: This was my sister’s first Spartan Race, and my final Spartan race of the year. This also concludes my x3 Trifecta. Not bad for a first year. Sure, many people do a Beast their first race. I didn’t get lucky enough to have one close by, so I had to settle for a Super in Monterey, back to back Beast/Sprint Hawaii, back to back Beasts in SoCal and Tahoe (Also the World Championship course). But I finished strong with a triple trifecta. What does next year hold for me? I’ll likely be getting a season pass, but will my wallet be able to take all the travel fees? I can’t wait to find out!

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Spartan Race Sacramento Day 1 Super

2015-11-06 23.30.47

Where to begin… This was a race I was dreading for a while now, I don’t even know why. Weather was up in the air, I had no idea what to expect. Well, the day finally came. The weather actually held up for us all on Saturday. No rain, decent warmth for a race. However, Of the several venues I’ve been to, “Sacramento’s” Van Vleck Ranch (it’s really in Sloughhouse) impressed me the least. Sure it has some good short, steep rolling hills. Random pools of water, which was never used in the race. But the overall terrain was so boring. I could blame the California drought but I’d doubt it would help the scenery. There weren’t even any cattle or other animals to look at as we pass by. Fresh off my race in Seattle, I was hoping for a little bit of trees and greenery. Nope. Just dead looking brown everywhere. Enough with the scenery, onto the race itself.


I didn’t find this race any more or less challenging than any other Super. There were a few surprise obstacles and one big one missing. For instance, the Hercules Hoist was impossible for me to bring up more than maybe 75% of the way. I’m at about 50% success rate if I don’t count times I had assistance. While other times I had random people help me with the Herc Hoist, but not this race. There was a second plate drag, but instead of on the ground pulling the plate to you via rope, you pulled the plate like cattle right behind you across the small area. Not an obstacle per se, but the trudging through the grey cement-like mud was interesting alone, but add the tadpoles too?! Weirdest obstacle ever…20151118041935

Missing was the Memory Wall… THANK YOU! Even if I AM currently 100%. I can do without the memory test. Sadly after the first couple Memory Walls, I added this to my training. When I’m running on the streets I pick a random letter and phone number on a business and try to memorize it by the end of the run. The stupid part is, I have no idea if I’m right until my next run. Oh well, I’ll do burpees whenever.

Present were the usual suspects: Atlas Carry, Tire Flips, Multi-Rig, Bucket Brigade, Monkey Bars, Spear Throw, and (of course) Rope Climb. I’ll have to add, I nailed the spear throw and no one was around to see it! 🙁 This success made my record 2-8. I figured out a small trick about my successful spear throws that works for me; take a few steps back then forward to get enough momentum forward then throw the spear similar to a football or dart. If I had a back yard I’d be able to practice this more… One of these days I’ll get a successful spear throw recorded on my GoPro.

Another obstacle missing from the venue was the ever loved Fire Jump… despite it being on the map and someone mentioning on social media there was going to be a Fire Jump at the venue. Mega sad face. So here I end my review with a sad finish line picture.

FYI In case you didn't know that's me on the right...

FYI In case you didn’t know that’s me on the right…