Seattle Super Results

2015-10-17 12.48.30 MAP Retooled

Kind of sad. My trip to Washington was barely 24 hours in total. Not only was it a quick trip but the overall pace of my race was my fastest for a Spartan Race of any kind. I managed to finish the Spartan Super in a tad over two hours, the mileage according to my Garmin watch was 7.87. But, since it’s the Super, I’m guessing it was closer to the general consensus on Facebook at around 8.2. Not sure why my watch is missing that much data, it’s usually spot on.

2015-10-17 12.49.25

The day started out a tad cold (nowhere near as cold as Tahoe was) very grey and gloomy. Threats of rain troubled me all week. The start was like any other start at Spartan Race, at this venue they allowed the “start smoke.” I don’t get to see that very often. On first glance I was a little disappointed that this venue didn’t have a lot of hills, and while I was partially right, there were a few troublesome inclines. However, after Temecula and Tahoe, for me the challenge wasn’t really there. I overheard a bunch of people complaining about the hills, but I suppose if you’re not training in the hills it could pose a threat.  But, luckily this venue was a pretty, woodsy, mostly flat trail which would explain my super fast time/pace.

2015-10-17 09.31.22 HDR

Your usual obstacles were there Walls, Atlas Carry, Spear Throw (UGH 1-7!) Monkey Bars, Log Carry, Sandbag Carry, Rope Climb, even the hated Memory Wall! Okay, it’s not the most hated, but I dread it since I have such a poor memory. Oddly enough, I’m 3-0 for the Memory Wall.


Here’s where it got interesting, about two miles left in the course they throw in the Rolling Mud and Dunk Wall. Again, it’s no Tahoe, but it was still pretty cold. Plenty of people cramped up because shortly after the water obstacles was the Bucket Brigade. Rivaling Tahoe, the buckets were filled with SMALL, WET rocks and mud. While not as long distance wise as Tahoe, the cramps, steepness, and wet terrain was tough on anyone’s legs.

The final obstacle thrown at us was the Hercules Hoist. This one scares me because the bags, from what I’m told, weigh more than me. The previous Beasts I couldn’t do it at all, I did manage some assists (thanks!). This one seemed like a cakewalk. Granted it was eight miles and not 16, but I lifted it up and back down without much problem, ran to the bottom of the hill and showed off a little over the Fire Jump. I’m always happy to see the Fire Jump as many venues don’t allow it. NOT EVEN THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP AT TAHOE. Really? A televised event? Anyway, back to “Seattle”…


2015-10-17 11.56.38

A side note. This race completed my x2 Trifecta for an extra medal!

2015-10-17 11.56.20

Overall a great venue for a Spartan Race. Not too hilly, good views, decent weather. Only a few drops in the very beginning, but the sun partially came out in the middle of the morning. Oh, what was with that foul stench of dead fish carcass near the river; that was interesting LOL.

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