Temecula Spartan Race Beast Review

I’m sitting in my hotel room typing up this review. Waiting for a Spartan Race is tough. Especially if you’re alone, miles away from home, in a no-frills motel… Anyway, last weekend was the dreaded Temecula (SoCal) Spartan Race. Last year it was so hot (100+) they had to cancel the race and kick people off the course. This worried me to the point where I sort of wanted to transfer to another venue. However, I gave it my all and pushed through it.

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The actual race was great! To be honest when I was out there in the hills it wasn’t even that hot. I’m told it topped out at 97 F, breezy at most places of the course, overall I felt it was a good temperature for the race. My highest point of the race is when I nailed the SPEAR THROW!!! But, I couldn’t celebrate too long because I had to keep moving and I could see the next obstacle just a few feet away, the other dreaded one, the Bucket Brigade. I took my time, so it wasn’t so bad. I mean it really hurt my time and placement. But does it really matter? Not really.


The actual course looked like a jagged figure eight (okay, that’s a very oversimplification of the actual layout). The start and finish in the middle right next to one another. Halfway through the course, around mile 7, obviously I wasn’t finished, but in plain sight was the finish line and my body completely shut down; my right calf and both rear quads locked up. I couldn’t move for about a half an hour. I had a fellow Weeple talk me through the pain and I got up and moved through the pain. After a few miles of walking I felt better. It did act up a little in the cold water walk, but it still felt good because of the heat from the damn sun. We were walking on a really weird surface, like goop. Black fine powder goop, WTF is this crap?


Then comes the memory sign. I still can’t forget my assignment. Echo 108-7551. I hate memory tests. Almost as much as spear throw and Hercules Hoist… But I managed to pass that once again I’m actually 2-2 for that. I muscled through the pain and before I knew it, the race was over. I got another set of pictures over the fire wall and even one with my whole trifecta medal set at Victory Wall.



I sit here reflecting on last weekend’s Beast, when I have to actually worry more about TOMORROW’s Beast. I go from extreme heat to “extreme” cold and altitude. I have a 9:15am start time. So, I better get some rest soon. Another trifecta almost done! Last race of my Spartan Race season is November. So wish me luck in staying healthy! Well, for starters, wish me luck in tomorrow’s race. AROO!!!!!!



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