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Hellmecula Race Day

Well, the day has finally come. I am about to start the hot Temecula Spartan Race Beast. Hope I spent all that time preparing correctly for this one. Hope I have enough fuel and water. I also hope they don’t cut the race short… 

Tahoe Inbound!

I went and did it… I signed up and paid for my death warrant. The Tahoe Beast is ready for me, I just have to drive there. I only have a week after Temecula(Hellmecula) to get acclimated to the cold and altitude. I think I’m a little screwed ha. Well, I have all day to finish, so I should be fine. The next day Sunday for a charity race, as well? Maybe. It’s for charity, after all! Plus, it counts as a Sprint for the next Trifecta, so that helps wipe my tears away.

I’m In Trouble…

I’ve been heat training for months to prepare myself for Temecula. It might be stupid hot next weekend. And then I found this posted all over Facebook from various people, in multiple groups.

2015-09-17 21_40_23-Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

This isn’t Temecula, Tahoe for the Spartan Race World Championships the weekend after. Norm, himself, guaranteed This Tahoe World Championship to be the hardest Beast ever designed. All the big names in the industry will likely be there. Which is why this is a race I shouldn’t miss. But that early snow really is freaking me out right now.

What to do, what to do…

Then again it might be a fake picture or the snow already melted because if you check the livecams, they’re all brown dirt. I still have to wait until after Temecula to decide.

Evil Leg Day

Yesterday I decided to make it up to my sister-in-law, I did a monster of a leg day in the morning. Kind of a mistake since I have to actually still train for the full marathon. By the end of the day I was already sore and needed to run three miles. Today hurt even MORE, and I still had to run six miles… I pulled it off, even in the “cold” and rain of Redwood City. Fun…

This is how I felt today:

For anyone who doesn’t know, this is my training schedule.

IMG_1913 2

12 Mile Marathon Training

This weekend was a doozy. I had to pump it up to a 12 mile run. But because I’m crazy, I decided to do it in the hills. And because she made me sign up (I let her), I dragged the sister-in-law up to the hills for the full 12 miles. It was pretty brutal… But we finished in okay time too. Some of us more worn out than others … 🙂



Marathon Training

Marathon training is MUCH different than Spartan training. It’s super hard for me to switch gears but I have to make it work. Because, come December, I’m going to be in a world of pain if I’m not training properly for both. My Temecula Beast is at the end of September and a Super in November, I have adequate time to train long distance on the side of lifting weights for Spartans.

Here I am in the hills training for distance instead of speed… It’s so hard to do, since I’ve been training to run as fast as I can for 3.11 miles.

I think I'm a little lost 4 miles out on a trail...

I think I’m a little lost 4 miles out on a trail…

My wife is somewhere that way. You can see a speck, that's her.

My wife is somewhere that way. You can see a speck, that’s her.

Spartan’s Hardest Obstacles

…at least according to a survey.

It’s an interesting article, but from my point of view this is fairly wrong. But that’s probably because I have a strong upper body.

If I could reorder the list above it would probably look something like this:

Spear Throw
Hercules Hoist
Bucket Carry
Atlas Carry
Rope Climb
8ft Wall
Clif Multi Rig
Monkey Bars
Barbed Wire

Sure, rope climb is up there, but only cause there’s easier ones I’m not worried about at all.