I’m OCR Crazy…

Only a week after my 8mi+ Super Spartan Race in Monterey and I’m running another OCR?! Yeah, I got suckered into it by a coworker. This one was called the Gladiator Rock ‘N Run. Remember the American Gladiators from the early 90’s? Well this OCR was designed by the Gladiator known as Nitro. He was even there at the event to start the race, take pictures, and talk to the crowd.

Originally, I flat out said no because of the price. It would cost $90 because it was so close to the event. But because I’m a Weeple we get notifications if there’s any coupons, deep discounts, or volunteering jobs available. We took the volunteering option as it made the race FREE! We opted for the split shift so we could work a couple hours in the morning, race, then go back to volunteering afterwards. The morning consisted of setting up a few stations, nothing big. But a couple hours passed and our time to race had come.

I haven’t edited my GoPro footage yet, but my battery died again midway. It was even shorter than the Spartan Super, ~5.5mi. I’d have to say this was much harder, and more fun, than the Rugged Maniac. A lot of the course was trail running which was pretty awesome, a few lame obstacles, and a few really good ones. The hardest obstacles of the course were the last two obstacles, the Beast (a tall slippery wall with ropes to help you up) and the other name escapes my mind (A pair of giant balloons you had to get over, and nearly impossible without help). We were stationed at the Beast most of the time and had a blast helping people up the steep muddy wall. Overall a fun event!

2015-06-13 16.44.44

Photo Jun 13, 11 37 25 AM

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