OCR + Workout Weekend – Rugged Maniac

EDIT: Video added!

This weekend was a long holiday weekend (unexpected, I got Memorial Day off), I attended my first OCR (obstacle course race) at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton. I convinced two of my coworkers to join me for a mini race group. When we got there I was a little disappointed because it looked like some dudes (BIG) back yard with a couple obstacles a middle school kid could build. There was much more on the other side of the field but I wasn’t far off. To make matters worse, it felt like a family affair. Just anyone showed up to do the obstacle course and timing chips were optional. I suppose that’s ok, but I was half expecting elite OCR racers for some reason. Anyway, I’ve been working out harder for these type of events so I was ready for pretty much anything. My two coworkers, not so much; did they work out? Yes, but not quite at my level, but that’s ok. Especially after looking at the other people with race bibs. In our time slot we got to our gate early so we were right at the star line in our corral. Right off the starting horn we were off at a full sprint. I’ll let my video explain (BELOW!) but it wasn’t difficult but still overall a fun experience. So much fun, I barely broke a sweat and we ran it a second time!!


Not satisfied with running this particular course twice, the next day I did three T25 workout videos… Then on Memorial Day, I chose to remember our fallen heroes by rucking 13mi up the longer trail of Rancho San Antonio. Of all of my workouts this weekend I think the hike is the only think that made me sore. The Rugged Maniac only bruised me and skinned my left knee, ugh…

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