Wait what? 13.1mi?!

I know I said I probably wouldn’t run a half marathon in a previous post. …I didn’t think I would. If anything maybe a light jog or walk. Well NOPE!!!

This weekend I RAN the Santa Cruz half marathon; 13.1 long miles of running. It was great because a decent portion of the run was along the coast. All I could see was ocean and beach. I was doing good, had a good pace going, maybe a little fast (8:30/mi) but was consistent for about 8 miles. I didn’t start feeling it until mile 9 where my thighs started to tighten up a little. About mile 10-12 I got the side stitch really bad. It slowed me a lot. But I pressed on the pain, and pushed on and managed to finish the race.

Now that my 1/2 marathon is behind me I just need to survive my Rugged Maniac (3-4mi) and my Monterey Spartan Race (8mi), so I can mentally and physically prepare myself for “The Beast” 13+ miles of terrain + obstacles. It’s not going to be easy. But if it was, everyone would be doing it!

As a reminder here’s my online calendar.

Results are HERE

Pictures are HERE

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