Welcome to spartanadam.com. First off, I’d like to start by saying I am not an elite racer, I am not on the Spartan Race Pro Team, nor am I sponsored or endorsed by Spartan Race. My ramblings here are mine and mine alone.

I am, however, an average guy who trains, eats, sleeps, dreams Spartan Race. I may have not been doing this long, but as long as I can still mentally and physically fit to train, I can see myself doing this for a long time.

I am currently on the Weeple Army team who are a great bunch of people! I’d like to be more active with their random rucks and other events. But, the timing isn’t perfect, I’ll get out there someday.

A little back-story on me. I used to be an athlete; one of those naturally athletic types. I never needed instructions just picked up whatever sport and ran with it, and was good. From soccer, baseball, ice hockey, martial arts, I excelled. Time passes, I got older, I got lazier, work had me busy; I made excuses… I got over weight, I had high blood pressure, I was slowing down in more ways than one.

July 2014 something clicks in my head and I decide to make a change.  I started walking, tried to eat better, and deleted soda completely from my diet. I started T25, with two 25-minute videos a day. I managed to convince myself into running. Not an easy task, I’ve always HATED running. All of this allowed me to drop fifty pounds in six months. After hitting my “ideal weight” I started running road races, which led me to OCRs and here we are, doing Spartan Races. Now I set my eye on the x15 trifecta medal. J/K…

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